George E. Warren

George E. Warren Corporation is a commercial supplier, blender, and wholesale distributor of refined petroleum products in the United States. The company is licensed to conduct business in 29 states. We have been a member firm on the New York Mercantile Exchange, a division of the CME since 1989.

The company has its main offices in Vero Beach, Florida.

Our New York Harbor and Gulf Coast operations are handled out of our Vero Beach, Florida office.

The Company was established in 1908 and has always been in the energy distribution business. In our early years, our main products were coal and heating oil which we distributed throughout the Pennsylvania and New England areas. In the 1970's, the Company divested of its coal business and now focuses exclusively on refined petroleum products.

Since our beginnings, we have cultivated relationships with the major and large independent oil companies as well as the larger wholesalers and distributors in these regions. Our reputation in the markets is one of stability, reliability and flexibility.

We distribute product by pipeline throughout the Mid-Continent pipeline system and by pipeline, barge and vessel from facilities in Gulf Coast and New York Harbor regions. We are shippers on the Buckeye, Colonial, Magellan, Nustar and Explorer Pipelines.